Special Purpose Audit

  • Special audit services and certifications are increasingly growing in significance as they provide confidence and trust. Based on our sector and trade expertise, our independent specialists evaluate and report on matters such as the correctness of information or the suitability and effectiveness of processes.
  • Irrespective of whether you are compiling information for recipients within or outside your company - special audit services provide increased credibility through our certifications. That boosts confidence and generates competitive advantages.
  • We tailor our special audit services to suit your needs - depending on the information concerned, the level of reliability required by you and the expectations of your recipients. We offer you a complete range of assurance engagements, expert reports and agreed-upon procedure reports.

Foreign Exchange Remittance Certifications such as Form 15CB / 15CA etc

Form 15CA and 15CB must be submitted while making payments outside India. They must be presented under different conditions.

Overseas Remittances have tax ramifications that the majority of taxpayers disregard. Section 195 of the Income Tax Act of 1961 stipulates that tax must be deducted from any payments made to non-residents. The goal of tax deduction is to collect taxes from nonresident aliens at an earlier stage, as it may be impossible to do so later. In certain instances, the individual making payments to NRIs must submit an affidavit on Form 15CA together with Form 15CB.

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